Sahayog – Good Will

Clean Cloths for all – Donate your unwanted cloths & Make them wanted again.


Incredible Himachal works on turning old material as a resource for hundreds of rural development activities, So that we can improve the condition of poor children’s and needy families. We are a non-profit organisation, which can guarantee you that your support will be used as efficiently as possible. We believe that a humble piece of cotton cloth can save a person from a lot of indignity, embarrassment and infections. Let’s take a step towards humanity & reduce deaths, suffering in this season primarily due to non-availability of clothing.

Your donation of new or gently-used, any-size clothing and shoes will be used as a charity to those who need this. Our mission is to provide clean clothes to those who need them through transparent methods using the latest digital technologies and social media. We also motivate others to join this as it’s not about doing charity but relatively rejoin the hope among people and children’s who need such charity.

Cold doesn’t kill people, but lack of cloths does.


We collect clothes that have outgrown their usefulness from their owners, and donate them to the less-fortunate. To promote such event we use social media so that we can connect the donor to the beneficiary. We understand that donating cloths may represent a more convenient option if you are interested in charity or delivering good objects to the needful peoples.

Our Clothes donation drive not only meant for the children but also for adults in the hospitals, children living in huts, under- privileged children in Govt. hospitals and to some of our city’s most in-need populations. We promote and support recycling initiatives that improve economic, environmental and social outcomes. This project will run by volunteers and continues to rely on volunteers to enhance its services and programs. Your warm and caring presence as a volunteer has a direct impact on the lives of those who need such attention. Our focus is concentrated on the receiver’s dignity instead of the donor’s pride.