Incredible Himachal NGO motivates others with the intention to create a common interactive platform for people to divulge social awareness and quality of life. This Shivratri Fair has been started with a great step towards cleanliness around the place & maintain hygiene of food. In this momentum Food and Safety standards aware the people to follow all the rules & regulations under FSSAI. Its important to maintain hygiene while making food or serving to people. Mr. Anil Sharma, Designated Officer  FSSAI Department District Mandi, has inspect the Stalls of food vendors individually and guide them accordingly. The food stalls should be clean and the people who are serving or making food should wear gloves in their hand to maintain proper hygiene. He also advise them to drop the garbage in dustbin, don’t collect them in front their shop. Only use disposable glasses to save water & avoid using plastic material. The food equipment needs to clean & maintained accordingly to avoid pollution.

In this movement, Incredible Himachal has been a part of this cleanliness. He has distributed aprins, hand gloves, caps, holding cards, ID Cards etc. to the people working in the food stalls. Its not only about creating awareness, but actually a health related matter. If our surroundings area will be clean & maintain , so the environment pollution could be controlled.