Incredible Himachal NGO has been organised a Charity programme – Sahyog in which they collected cloths to distribute in villages or rural area of Himachal Pradesh. We have created an opportunity for all people to extend their happiness to the less fortunate, by donating unused or used clothes in good condition.There are many homeless outside who are going to face or may be facing another tough night to survive. Its not about charity, its all about being a helping hand for those who need cloths to wear. Our organisation welcome the people who wants to be a part of this programme, because it has a simple & clear message – Donate a Cloth & Save the Life. 

Recently we have organised an event of Cloths Collection and Donation , where our main highlights were Dr. Kanna Ramaesh who is an Eye Surgeon based in Glasgow, he has thirty years of health care service experience and has enjoyed different roles in administration and service innovation. Its been a great step towards humanity , because people are more busy in their daily routine, but he has came from other country to do such a appreciative charity programme. He has been accompanied by Dr. Vibha Mahajan, being an academic, educationist and trainer brings 25 years of experience along with management and innovation skills. she is committed to bringing a change with service user-centred approach.

Our NGO distributed the clothes in the Cloth donation camp on 15 sep 2018, our motive was to help poor ones in a different way, So our Society decided to add a beautiful moment in their life. We also distributed clothes to poor, who unable to purchase their clothes and very poor background children. Through this program many of the destitute Women & children were benefited. Its been a generous contribution for ailing and poor would help us in upliftment of the needy and downtrodden persons. We also welcome, the volunteers to join the movement, contribute for a better Society.Lend a helping hand to those who need the most.